Lucky Aces Club ensures a fair and transparent gaming environment, adhering to all necessary state regulations. Our games are designed for entertainment and include skill elements to enhance the experience.

  1. Private Club Access: Membership is required to access our club, including food, drinks, and poker. There is no public access, ensuring a secure, exclusive environment.
  2. Digital Rewards Model: Members earn and use digital credits for games and activities, enhancing engagement and fun.
  3. No Economic Benefit: Only members’ personal winnings come from gaming. Lucky Aces earns revenue through membership fees, digital credit sales, and tips. We never receive any portion of the money wagered by members.
  4. Equal Chances: All members have the same winning odds, influenced only by skill or luck, ensuring fair play.
  5. Transparency and Compliance: We adhere to all local regulations, including BSA Title 31 obligations, and maintain full transparency in our banking and operations.

Educate Yourself: We encourage members to educate themselves about our business model and the legal framework for private membership clubs. Understanding how we operate and the regulations we follow ensures you are fully informed and confident in your membership experience.

Welcome to Lucky Aces Club Vinton

Join our member club and enjoy unique games, live entertainment, and special members events.

Join Lucky Aces Club and experience the thrill of playing unique poker and variations of classic carnival-style games and other on-site amendities that are designed exclusively for our members. Our games have been created to meet our gaming requirements and ensure compliance with Ohio law, providing a fun and safe gaming experience.

As a member, you can earn Membership Credits, a digital currency that can be used to play games and participate in activities. We offer a Membership Program that rewards members for their time and credits played. Members can earn Reward Credits from the Members Pool on a monthly basis, which can be redeemed for various rewards and promotions.

But that’s not all! At Lucky Aces Club, we also provide catered food and drinks to keep you energized and refreshed while you play. Our entertainment lineup includes live bands, tournaments, movie nights, and catered food events. Plus, you can order in from our menu selection to satisfy any cravings you might have.

At Lucky Aces Club, we pride ourselves on providing a secure and private space for members to enjoy their favorite games without any advantage of skill or luck, and without the house collecting any money from the winnings. Our legal information is available on our separate “Legal Information” page.

Join Lucky Aces Club today and enjoy a unique gaming experience filled with fun, food, and entertainment!


At Lucky Aces Club – Vinton, we provide our members with access to a variety of exclusive events, such as cash games, high stakes tournaments, and game league nights.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Membership Plans & Pricing

Welcome to Lucky Aces Club, your premier destination for exclusive access to games, entertainment, amenities, and social events. To enjoy all the facilities and amenities that our private club has to offer, membership status is required at all times.

  • Membership dues must be kept current to maintain access to our facilities and services.
  • We are a private social club that is exclusively for our members in good standing, ensuring a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Membership is available to individuals on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, with a Membership Committee that meets monthly to review all memberships.
  • Charities and businesses are also welcome to apply for special event memberships.
  • Access to Lucky Aces Club requires Membership Credits, which are used to enter tournaments, special events, and games in the room.
  • As a privately-owned business, we reserve the right to revoke membership or refuse service to anyone who violates club rules or poses a safety risk to fellow members.
$5 Daily Entry Fee


  • Earn membership points while seated at any game
  • Access to all of the club facilities
  • Comped food & drinks, and order-in food service. 
$20 Weekly Membership


  • Earn Membership Points while seated at any game
  • Comped Order In Menu
  • Facility access pass
  • Comped food & drinks, and order-in food service. 
$50 Monthly Membership


  • Earn Membership Points while seated at any game
  • Comped Order In Menu
  • Facility access pass
  • Comped food & drinks, and order-in food service. 
$100 Yearly Membership


  • Earn Membership Points while seated at any game
  • Comped Order In Menu
  • Facility access pass
  • Comped food & drinks, and order-in food service. 

Upcoming Events

  • Lucky Aces Club is thrilled to offer its facilities for special events, whether for individuals, corporations, or charitable organizations.
  • In order to rent out our space for a private event, membership is required for any interested parties.
  • All guests attending special events must adhere to the same house rules as our regular members, including payment of hourly club access fees in time or credits.


  • All staff, including dealers, front desk associates, and facilities personnel at Lucky Aces Club must follow house rules as set by the social club and the laws of the State of Ohio.
  • Lucky Aces Club staff have the responsibility and right to report any member concerns or misconduct to management.
  • Any issues or concerns with Lucky Aces Club staff should be addressed with management and not the staff directly, as they are trained to manage the various game rules.
  • Staff members are allowed to play any game or tournament at Lucky Aces Club, only when off-duty.
  • Lucky Aces Club is equipped with security personnel and cameras to ensure the safety and comfort of its members and staff.
  • Lucky Aces Club Security Staff will be present on site during all club hours.
  • The admittance of anyone with firearms or other weapons is strictly prohibited.
  • Lucky Aces Club has a metal detector installed at the entrance, and all customers and staff personnel are required to pass through the checkpoint while entering the facility.
  • Any member or staff concerns should be immediately reported to Lucky Aces Club management and/or security staff to be addressed promptly.
  • Lucky Aces Club provides coffee, water, and soft drinks to members.
  • The club has a trendy restaurant and bar on-site for members to enjoy at their own expense.
  • Members are not permitted to bring their own alcohol.
  • The bar and lounge area inside Lucky Aces Club provide sitting areas where members can eat and drink at their leisure.
  • Anyone who acts inappropriately or disruptively towards Lucky Aces Club staff or other members will be asked to leave the premises with the possibility of having their membership revoked.
  • Lucky Aces Club accommodates special events for individuals, corporations, or charitable organizations.
  • Membership is required for any person or organization who would like to rent out the facilities.
  • Private rooms are available for those who wish to host private games, training, or other management-approved events.
  • All special event attendees, including those with hourly club membership credit “participation” fees, must follow house rules.
  • Members are strictly prohibited from taking photos or videos without the expressed knowledge and permission of Lucky Aces Club. However, Lucky Aces Club reserves the right to record or photograph as per the membership agreement.
  • All poker games at Lucky Aces Club locations follow World Series of Poker (‘WSOP’) rules for cash and tournament games, except where stated in their specific club rules (ask personnel for your local club rules). Lucky Aces Club dealers and managers are trained in WSOP rules and enforce the spirit and the letter of the rules in all circumstances. Rulings on gameplay are considered final only by discretion of the management of Lucky Aces Club in accordance with WSOP rules. If an incorrect rule interpretation or decision is made in good faith, Lucky Aces Club has no liability.
  • Members and staff members alike are expected to maintain a professional and respectful demeanor.
  • If the acting floor manager decides that a member’s behavior is inappropriate, the manager may ask the player to discontinue the behavior or ask them to leave. Failure to comply with that request may result in losing membership privileges and/or being banned from the facility.
  • Some common behaviors that will not be tolerated include threats, arguments, insults (direct or indirect), or any other offensive behavior; slow rolling (intentionally stalling to show the winning hand to upset another player

Contact Us

Visit us at 28 Pleasant Valley Rd Vinton, OH 45686.

Call us at (740) 831-3575 for driving directions or questions about the location.